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Namachanja High School to Install Automated Thermo guns

Namachanja High School in Kanduyi Constituency Bungoma County is in the process of installing an automated thermo gun to help in taking temperatures and save on time due to over enrolment.
Namachanja is among the best performing schools in Bungoma County, and has very high population.
Speaking to KNA the Deputy Principal administration Humphrey Musuya assured that students are staying safe and strictly following the Covid-19 guidelines.
He noted that the school management has installed hand washing stations and sanitizers in school, adding that teachers, the support staff and students are following the protocols.
“This year the school registered a huge number of candidates who we hope will perform well amid Covid-19,” he said, adding that the school is doing everything necessary to finish the syllabus.
Mr. Musuya added that hand operated thermo guns waste time and have complications.
“Our Principal is doing her best to ensure that the school possess an automated screen thermo gun where a student places a hand and the temperature is displayed on the screen,” he assured.
However, he pointed out, Namachanja school is unable to do mass testing for Covid-19, though necessary due to the high population.
“Doing mass testing for Covid-19 is very expensive and with the ailing economy at the moment we cannot manage,” he said, urging parents to cater for their learners whenever they are at home.
“At the moment teachers are working hard to make sure that syllabus is completed on time so that come next year January students will be doing proper revision,” he affirmed,
He also assured that the school has put aside an isolation room for any suspected case and also established contacts with hospitals in case of any Covid-19 suspect in school.

By Douglas Mudambo

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