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Nandi County set to launch Cancer clinic

Nandi County is expected to join the list of counties that have launched the EMPOWER Cancer Clinic across the Country.  It will be the 12th County to launch the clinic.

The Enabling and Motivating Partnership Owned by Women to Engage and Reclaim their lives (EMPOWER) is an initiative which was started by the County First Ladies Association (CFLA) that seeks to promote cancer prevention, early diagnosis, screening, and enhancement of cancer care systems in the country.

CFLA was inaugurated in 2015, to support devolution through advocacy on issues that affect women and the youth.

The association has since then grown in terms of scope of operations and interests, primarily focusing on women’s issues and community development through more active participation of women in social and economic decision making.

In connection with this, the association advocates for the provision of cancer care facilities at the county level, through the EMPOWER Cancer Clinics.

Cancer has become one of the chronic public health challenge which continues to cause devastation on Kenyan families, taking lives, pushing many into poverty, and straining an already weak healthcare system. Therefore this initiative will assist locals to seek affordable screening and timely diagnosis, which is crucial in treating cancer.

Speaking in his office, the Assistant Director in charge of Monitoring and Evaluation in the Department of Health, Mathew Rotich said that once the facility is launched, it will be of great help to the county for cancer patients hence reducing the rate of cancer in the county

“When the facility is launched, it will be a milestone to the County and particularly the Department of Health because it will bring cancer detection and care services closer to the people of Nandi,” said Rotich.

He also added that among the cancer patients in the county, 80 per cent have been detected at stage 4 making it difficult for cancer patients to undergo the treatment.

“When cancer is detected at an early stage, it will be easily managed, therefore the facility will help us achieve this because there will be regular screening at the clinic,” he added

The event which is scheduled for December 2, 2021 will see various guests including First Ladies from various Counties, Women MCAs and leaders from Nandi County and other invited guests attend.

There will be free cancer screening on that day during the launch of the Clinic.

By Benard Tanui

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