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Nandi Women sensitized on National Values and Principles of Governance

Women representatives drawn from Aldai, Nandi Hills and Tinderet sub Counties in Nandi County have been trained on the importance of promoting national values and principles of governance.

The training that took place in a hotel in Nandi Hills was organised by Kafawe Women Group which is undertaking a project dubbed ‘ Women Voice and Leadership’ funded by Care Kenya through Uraia Trust.

National values and principles of governance are the fundamental beliefs of a nation, guiding the choices, actions and behaviour of all Kenyans as presented in Article 10 of the Kenyan Constitution.

Speaking during the engagement, the Group Coordinator Francis Ngeny noted that promotion of national values and principles of governance will help achieve the necessary socio- cultural, economic and political transformation that is key to timely realization of the Country’s development agenda.

Ng’eny urged the participants to be at the fore front in advocating for these values and principles as a way to develop their localities which in return will contribute to realization of Kenya’s development agenda.

“National values create a strong sense of belonging, pride and national identity. With these values there will be harmonious coexistence among diverse groups in the society,” he said.

He further revealed that such values lead to equitable allocation of resources opportunities at both national and county levels thus reducing socio-economic inequalities.

This, he added, contribute to effective representation as well as development of virtuous leadership.

Ng’eny said these values and principles if exercised effectively enhance promotion of open, accountable and participatory management of public resources which in the long run guarantee availability of resources and opportunities for future generations.

On her part a civic educator Ms Tecla Sawe called on the fellow women to extend the knowledge gained on the national values and principles to their communities.

She applauded the group’s initiative noting that women play a great role in the community and thus contribute to national development. She said equipping them with such knowledge is very important for the nation.

“Now that t we have been equipped with knowledge on national values and principles, let us be ambassadors of our society,” pointed Sawe.

Kenya’s national values and principles include, patriotism, national unity, sharing and devolution of power, the rule of law, democracy and participation of the people, human dignity, equity, social justice, inclusiveness, equality, human rights, non-discrimination, protection of the marginalized, good governance, integrity, transparency and accountability and sustainable development.

By Ruth Mainye

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