Narok reads Sh14.9 billion budget for 2023/2024

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Narok county government read Sh14.9 billion budget for the financial year 2023/2024 to be financed by Sh9.2 billion in the form of equitable shareable revenue, Sh1.2 from conditional grants and Sh4.5 billion as own source revenue.

While reading the budget in the County Assembly, County Executive Committee (CEC) for Finance and Economic Planning David Muntet said the budget would help the county government to carry out its functions properly and scrutinize the development priorities set for the financial year 2023/2024.

Muntet said this is the first budget prepared by the new administration under Governor Patrick Ntutu and has therefore taken into consideration the achievement of his promises during the electioneering period.

“The revenue collection target for county is Sh4.5 billion, in which Sh3.5 billion being revenue collected from Maasai Mara Game Reserve while the remaining Sh1 billion being collected from markets and other sources,” said Muntet.

The CEC noted that the budget estimates have prioritized all the departments in the county such as Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Health and Sanitation, Education Youth Affairs, Sports, Culture, Information Communication Technology, and Transport, Public Works and Infrastructure, Environment and Natural Resources among others.

The Health Department and Sanitation sector has taken the lion share of the county budget receiving Sh3.2 billion, in which the Sh480 million of the budget allocated for purchase of medicines while Sh.240 million for buying hospital equipment and Sh31 million for immunization services.

The CEC said the health service sector guarantees the access to high quality and affordable healthcare to all residents of the county and therefore it has taken the huge allocation.

The Sh1.9 billion of the budget estimates will go for the Department of Education, Youth Affairs, Sports and Culture, in which Sh380 million is proposed for bursary fund kitty.

The CEC noted that the bursary kitty will enable bright students and those from poor backgrounds to access education at all levels.

The Transport, Public Works and Infrastructure sector will receive Sh1.9b, which will be utilised in setting up of public transport facilities, upgrading of roads, reduce congestion in town, pedestalization of streets in town and improving the road network.

Muntet said for the county governments to improve infrastructure, it will procure more equipment for each of the sub counties, that would help to ease the service delivery at grassroots levels.

The Department of Finance and Economic Planning will receive Sh1.9 million of the budget estimate, while the Department of Environment and Natural Resources receives sh.700 million of the budget to enhance resilience to climate change in the county.

In addition, the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries which is the key sector will receive Sh.900 million of the budget, and will guarantee towards the attainment of food security and nutrition in the county.

The Narok Kajiado Economic Bloc (NAKAEB) has been factored in the county government budget and will receive Sh31 million to foster in the operation of the economic block and the partnering neighboring county of Kajiado will also set their allocation for the bloc.

By John Kaleke

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