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Narok residents receive free eye clinic

Over 300 Narok town residents benefited from a free eye clinic, that was organized by the Lion’s Club International at Masindoke Primary School compound.

Dr. Hillary Lang’at, an eye specialist said most of the patients who volunteered for checkup were under 18 years old, while a few were elderly people.

He said 20 per cent of those who attended the free check-ups had very severe allergies and were receiving their treatment for the first time.

Dr. Lang’at also noted that most of the elderly who visited the free clinic were detected with eye cataracts and were booked in for treatment at the Lion’s Eye Clinic in Nairobi.

“We have already booked them for surgery at our hospital in Nairobi. We will make a close follow-up to ensure the patients get good services,” he said.

Another percentage, he said, had refractive errors and were given glasses as the Hospital monitors their progress.

At the same time, some people, especially the elderly were detected with problems with their Latinas, because of issues of diabetes and high blood pressure.

“For such patients, we refer them to our hospitals in Nairobi for further management. Most of these patients had not visited an Optician before,” he noted.

He reiterated that the exercise aimed at preventing people from losing their eyesight because of conditions that can be managed if the situation was detected early enough.

Charles Loidima, a beneficiary of the free clinic, said he had been having problems with reading but when tested, he was given glasses that he hopes will improve his reading capability.

“I am grateful for the free clinic. I am happy I have been tested many diseases and I have been found to be healthy,” said Loidima.

David Khendo, the president Lion’s Club Narok said the club was carrying out the exercise as part of their duties to reach out to the community.

He added they will continue to follow their patients, via their mobile numbers, to be sure they were proceeding on well.

By Ann Salaton

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