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Narok traders seek modern markets to boost businesses

Market traders operating in Muthurwa and ODM Markets in Narok town have asked the county government to construct modern markets to boost trade in the county.

Susan Wairimu, a chairlady of Muthurwa Market traders in Narok, said the county government needs to prioritize the construction of modern markets to improve the living standards of small-scale traders in the county and boost trade.

“A lot of revenue is being collected in these markets; therefore, we request the county government to prioritize constructing modern markets,” she said.

Wairimu said the county government should use the revenue being collected in these markets to construct shades to protect traders from the vagaries of weather conditions.

“We pay Ksh. 50 twice a week; this is a lot of money being collected. We want to be counted as traders in the county’s development agendas,” added Wairimu.

Further, Wairimu noted that when the county government constructs modern markets, there is likely an improvement in security, hygiene, and working hours, thus boosting trade.

On her part, Mary Akoth, a vendor in the ODM market, said the county government should improve the working standards of traders in markets by constructing sheds to protect traders from harsh conditions.

“In the ODM market, we have never been considered in any construction of market shades, let alone latrines. We asked the county government to consider us traders as part of the economy’s contributors,” she added.

Akoth noted that during rainy seasons, the environment becomes unconducive for market operations since there is lots of stagnant water all over, and this poses a health risk among the traders and the customers.

Another vendor, Deborah Odeny, said that while comparing Narok town markets with other places, it shows that Narok is still lagging behind and requires lots of improvement.

Odeny mentioned that insecurity remains a persistent challenge in the marketplace, making it vulnerable to thefts and other criminal activities.

The local traders acknowledge the importance of the market places as economic hubs, generating employment opportunities and fostering local business, and leaders should take them seriously.

By John Kaleke and Eunice Ngatia

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