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Narok youth drafting a county youth policy

Youth in Narok County have begun the process of formulating a County Youth Policy that will see the young people included in the development and decision making in the county.

The youngsters who met at a hotel in Narok County said they are finalizing the draft part before working on the final document.

Narok County Government Youth Director Erick Tarakoi said the process is sponsored by the county government in collaboration with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) so as to boost the livelihood of the young people.

Tarakoi underscored the policy will help create County Youth Committees that will be in charge of administering all activities that the youth are engaged in.

In addition, if the policy sails through the county assembly, the young people will have a privilege of electing a board that will be recognized by the law and will articulate all the issues pertaining the young people to the county government.

“Among the key roles of the board will be to ensure all the unemployed youth in the county have easy access to youth enterprise funds so that they can grow their small businesses,” he said.

Joshua Saitoti, a Mount Kenya University Student leader and a youth representative at the office of Narok County Women MP said the process of forming the policy is too involving but will be a big reward to the Narok youth.

He observed that many youths in the county are jobless and struggle to meet their basic needs saying the policy will help to bring all the youth together and address their issues.

Saitoti reiterated that the policy will give a clear framework to encourage the young people to participate in the development of the county by airing their views to the authority through their board members.

Narok Youth Director Joash Ratemo said the National Youth Development Policy was enacted in 2019 and has been beneficial to the young people in the country.

He also informed the youth of the presence of Youth Empowerment Halls in every constituency where various youth programmes are provided to boost their livelihood.

“We encourage the young people to visit our Youth centers to learn various programmes offered there including ICT training, guidance and counselling sections, financial management lessons among others.

By Ann Salaton

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