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Narok youths conduct environmental clean-up exercise

Hundreds of youths drawn from different organisations on Saturday, took to the Narok town streets to collect garbage and plant trees as a way of commemorating the World Clean Up day.

The youth led by Narok County Street Families Initiative Director Pauline Naikumi collected garbage in drainages before proceeding to the banks of river Narok that cuts across the town to clean the river.

Ann Nanoi, a student at Railways Technical College plant trees with the help of a red cross official at Koonyo grounds in Narok town. Photo by Ann Salaton

Ms Naikumi said they collaborated with like-minded organisations like Ewaso Nyiro South Development Authority (ENSDA), Narok County government, office of the County Commissioner, Two Million Tree Initiative and cooperate organisations to carry out the exercise.

“We are grateful that the youth who are mostly drawn from the Maasai Mara University and local churches can come together to do such a wonderful job of cleaning their environment,” said Ms Naikumi.

She called on Narok residents to keep their environment clean by disposing of waste materials in the designated areas provided by the county government.

“We are here not only to collect garbage but to lead by example as we educate the residents the importance of keeping their environment clean,” she said.

During the event, the youth planted 50 trees in various points of the town which they promised to nurture as they urged residents to plant trees in their respective lands.

Ann Nanoi, a student at Railways Technical College and the founder of Two Million Tree Initiative, asked the residents to take a personal responsibility of making sure that the environment they live in is clean.

“We do not have to throw garbage in the river because it pollutes the water. The best thing to do is to put the garbage in the disposal bags for collection,” she reiterated.

Ms Nanoi urged residents to plant trees to conserve the environment saying this year, she has pioneered in planting over 2000 tree seedlings around the county.

The event was opened by Narok North Deputy County Commissioner Mutuku Mwenga who reminded the residents that it was illegal to dump in undesignated areas.

“Every trader should have a dustbin where their customers can dump waste materials. We are discouraging the culture of dumping litter in the streets,” he said.

By Ann Salaton

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