NARPOK launches Homa Bay Chapter to Boost welfare of Retirees

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Retired Police Officers in Homa Bay have been urged to join the National Association of Retired Police Officers of Kenya (NARPOK).

The association’s Treasurer, Homa Bay Chapter Mr. Alfred Otieno said the association is very crucial for the ex-police officers since it caters for their welfare and expressed regret that there are only 47 members in the county.

Otieno, who spoke on Thursday during the launch of the Homa Bay Chapter of NARPOK within Homa Bay town noted that NARPOK brings together its members and provides a platform for networking as well as financial support through investments.

“NARPOK brings its members together to interact, socialize with one another through experience sharing, and caters for their welfare as well as investing in projects for the benefit of the members,” he noted.

The treasurer pointed out that it was the former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s idea for them to form the association.

“This was the idea of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta who challenged us to come up with an association that can bring members together to network”, said Otieno.

He encouraged retired female officers in Homa Bay to also seek the association’s membership saying that they are very few compared to other counties. “There is a gender imbalance in Homa Bay because I think many ladies in this area did not prefer to join the police force,’ stated Otieno.

He reiterated that the association’s members face financial constraints since some members from the previous regime were earning less and hence are unable to support themselves in the present economic situation.

“That is the reason why we are coming up with projects that can generate some income to help them,” noted the treasurer. He appealed to retirees who have not joined the group to do so for their betterment.

Zakayo Nyonje Ogere, Homa Bay Chapter Chair revealed that during their monthly meetings, they discuss about their lives as well as ways of maintaining their families.

He added that as senior citizens, it is imperative to interact with one another for self-motivation, and urged those who have not yet joined to do so.

Ogere called on the government to consider supporting the retirees who have medical conditions but cannot afford the medical expenses due to financial problems.

By Sitna Omar


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