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Nassir receives healthcare taskforce report

Mombasa Taskforce on Healthcare system that was mandated to review the health department has resolved to enhance health services at community level.

The taskforce that was formed in September last year by Governor Abulswamad Nassir presented its report of findings on the county health department and how it can be revamped to strengthen the community healthcare system in order to boost service delivery.

Addressing the media at the county government offices, the team chaired by Dr. Chibanzi Mwachonda proposed several reforms in the health department that has been facing ups and downs in the past.

Mwachonda said the docket ought to have a policy that will put community health workers on retainer to enhance service delivery.

The team further suggested that following engagements with stakeholders they should have more persons registered with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to ease access to health services.

In addition, the taskforce noted that the county should have specialized treatment at Counties’ satellite health facilities among them Tudor hospital to offer maternity and children services, Mvita Sub-county  hospital for eye specialized treatment and digitization of information systems to help reduce congestion in hospitals, among others.

Governor Nassir said his administration is committed to ensure dispensation of enhanced service delivery by implementing the reforms submitted by the committee.

He noted that his government will use legislative means to have companies awarded tenders to lease specialized equipment to the health facilities to be at par with the fast growing digital world.

During the campaigns the governor pledged to resolve health issues in the county and also prioritize the working environment of medical practitioners.

“The healthcare taskforce will provide a long-term strategic plan, suggesting ways of improving the health coverage and finding the loopholes that ails the county’s healthcare system,” said Nassir.

The governor said his regime will make sure that health finances are well utilized and the human resource is able to use modern technology to reduce congestion at certain hospitals in Mombasa.

“We are looking at how we can optimize the usage of all the medical facilities in the county for people to get better services. We will also come up with a way where minor ailments like headache have specified hospitals to be tackled, in case of failure to treat certain illness, referrals will be made,” he said.

The taskforce consists of representatives of Kenya Medical Association, Mombasa Civil Societies Organizations, the National Health Insurance Fund and six community health volunteers representing the sub counties.

Other members from the county government include the Chief Officer from Public Medical Services and Public Health and the County Secretary.

By Chari Suche

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