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Natembeya to promote investors’ confidence 

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya has pledged to accord all investors in the county the required environment to undertake their operations.

Speaking during the official opening of a five-floor storey business complex owned by Western region famous tycoon Ibrahim Ambwere, the governor said the county was committed to creating an enabling environment for all investors irrespective of tribe or race.

To help achieve this, Natembeya said he has rolled out strategies to ensure that key components essential for meaningful investment namely roads and security were improved.

“We are going to build all-weather roads to increase mobility and help transportation of farm produce to the market on time.

We also aim to continue working with the relevant arms of the national government to ensure that security which we have had continues to thrive,” he said.

On the expansion of Kitale Town, Natembeya revealed that he has placed a request to the national government to consider using Kitale Prison land for the purpose, instead of the affordable housing project which it is being earmarked for.

He also took the chance to sound a warning to grabbers of public land, informing them that it’s a game that is short-lived and results are known.

Meanwhile, the Governor hailed Ambwere for creating a business empire that has supported thousands of small businesses across the Western region and also created employment for many Kenyans.

Walking down memory lane, the Governor picked out Ambwere’s generosity, citing an instance in the 1980s when the tycoon used his investments of Sh48 Million to pay salaries to teachers across the country after the then government had failed to.

The sentiments were echoed by the Chairperson of State Corporation’s Tribunal Aggrey Kidiavai who emphasized that Ambwere’s generosity will remain unrivalled for ages.

Also present during the event was Trans Nzoia County Secretary Truphosa Amere and a host of county executive committee members.

By Isaiah Nayika and Emmanuel Katasi

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