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National Assembly to address school fee issue, Mathioya MP says

Mathioya Member of Parliament (MP) Edwin Mugo Thursday said National Assembly is committed to exploring other options before school fees is increased in secondary schools.

Mugo said parents should not worry about the possible increase in school fees from the next academic year as the main challenge currently is capitation to schools.

He assured residents that Parliament through the Education Committee hopes to ensure that the assigned capitation reaches the schools on time in order to reduce the challenges school heads have to endure due to shortage of funds.

“The whole amount allocated per child should be disbursed to schools on time,” he said, adding that secondary schools were struggling mainly because of delayed disbursement of the funds.

The MP noted that so far, only 56 percent of the funds allocated for this academic year has been disbursed this far yet the year is coming to an end.

He asserted that there is a need for the government to review the capitation because the amounts allocated over ten years ago were no longer enough due to the current inflation rates, because the cost of living has gone up.

“The amount of money allocated per child needs to be reviewed so as to factor in the high cost of living and the weakening of the Kenyan shilling,” he said.

Mugo noted that the plans to increase school fees could only be actualized through Parliament and therefore the Education Committee should address the issue of delayed disbursement of funds before resulting in increasing school fees.

The MP who was addressing the press at Kairi primary school where he was commissioning five classrooms that have been renovated courtesy of NGCDF said that quality education is a top priority for the Kenya Kwanza government.

He launched a project aiming at modernization of 26 local public primary schools and day secondary schools at an estimated cost of Sh88 million.

Mugo said he hopes this project will bridge the gap between private schools and public schools by providing a conducive learning environment so that the children could compete with their counterparts fairly.

“We are going to be installing floor tiles, metallic doors, windows, fresh paint and new roofs,” he said.

“Later we are also going to purchase desks for the schools as the existing ones are generally in deplorable condition,” he added.

He noted that a lot of work needed to be done so as to improve the quality of education including ensuring that the schools have pavements to reduce mud as well as a perimeter fence and a gate saying the current state of several public schools is unacceptable.

The MP applauded the National Assembly for lobbying for an increment of CDF saying the additional Sh30 million allocated to Mathioya would be channeled towards bursaries for needy students joining secondary schools and colleges.

By Purity Mugo

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