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National government to partner with Red Cross to assist landslide victims in Mathioya

Victims of landslides in Mathioya Sub County will get assistance after completion an assessment exercise on the extent of destruction caused by recent heavy rains in the area.
Area Deputy County commissioner Kipchumba Rutto has said since the rains have now subsidized in the sub county, Red Cross will be visiting the locality to carry out assessment on the nature of destruction, with a view to supporting the affected families.
Rutto speaking on Saturday from his office observed that more than 124 households in the area were affected by either landslides or mudslides.
Some of the families, he noted, had their houses and farms greatly destroyed with some residents left with no shelter.
He said the national government will partner with the Red Cross to help to construct houses for the affected families.
“The recent rains left a trail of destruction in this sub county. Some famers lost part of their farms which were swept away by landslides, others lost their houses among other properties,” said the deputy county commissioner.
At the same time, transport in some roads within the sub county was paralyzed after section of the roads were cut off by landslides and others debris deposited on them.
For instance, along Kangema – Kiriani road at Kanjama area, a section of road, repaired just recently, was cut off again by landslides during the April rains.
He observed that the government and other well-wishers have come out to assist the affected families with assorted foods, adding that the donations have also helped to cushion the families from the negative impact of Covid 19.
“Two weeks ago, the ministry of devolution gave out 125 bags of rice which were distributed to households affected by landslides. Other well –wishers drawn from business community also gave food which was given to people hardest hit by the detrimental effects of coronavirus,” said Rutto.
On efforts to combat the spread of Covid 19, the Deputy county commissioner said they have distributed more than 1,000 litres and sanitizers and 14, 500 face masks.
The items were issued to tea and coffee farmers who interact a lot on daily basis due to nature of their farming duties and marketing activities, he added.
He also cautioned residents from Nairobi to avoid visiting the sub county for matters not so urgent, noting that any increased movement of people may cause the disease to spread fast.
“If there is nothing urgent to do at home please remain in Nairobi. Let’s avoid unnecessary movements which may lead to the spread of the virus,” reiterated Rutto.
On his part, the sub county police Commander Pauline Mwangi said they have arrested more than 120 people for flouting Public Health guidelines meant to combat spread of covid-19.
Eighty of those arrested have already been arraigned in court and fine, while 40 others are out on police cash bail, she added.
“Let residents adhere to the government guidelines especially public transport operators. Being disciplined will ultimately help us defeat the disease,” added Mwangi.
By Bernard Munyao

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