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National Taxpayers Association forms a health management group

Zinab Ali (left) from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, Department of Education, Training, Public awareness and Preventive  Services  officially  launches the National  Taxpayers Association Strategic Plan 2019/2023  together  with Irene Otieno, the National Coordinator  National Taxpayers Association on Wednesday February 12, 2020 at Serena Hotel in Nairobi. Photo  by  Wickliff  Ananda/KNA.

The  National Taxpayers Association (NTA) have formed a health facility management group that will ensure that funds allocated to the health sector are not embezzled hence promoting quality health services to the public.

The  Regional Coordinator  Nairobi  Region  NTA, Irene  Otieno said they would monitor the usage of these funds both at National and County levels.

Speaking  on Wednesday during  the launch of NTA strategic plans 2019/2023, Ms. Otieno noted that normally the informal sector, which heavily depends on the taxes services, is the one normally affected.

“Full  implementation of this strategy at national and county level will thus contribute to strengthen service delivery,” said Otieno

The strategic plan will majorly address building citizen demand, strengthening government service delivery, research, advocacy and policy and tax justice.“Other  strategies that have been put in place include influencing which involves partnering with communities, civil society networks, government and other stakeholders to identify key issues of concern for advocacy or policy influencing she said .

The  Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) Education Officer, Zainab  Ali  said “The war against corruption in Kenya is government driven and it is about strengthening systems of control in organizations through better management of systems and closer supervision”.

Outlining  the EACC  Survey in 2018, she noted that bribery is one of the thriving act of corruption in Kenya that if not acted upon would compromise the strategic plan laid out by NTA.

However, she noted that there was progress in addressing corruption considering that the average bribe paid to acquire government services has dropped from Sh.5, 000 in 2017 to Sh. 3,000 in 2018.

“Justice in tax paying should be considered and I want to urge Kenyans to work together in order to have a voice to help curb corruption so as to receive services,” she said.

Kenya has an ambitious development agenda as pronounced in the Vision 2030 Third Medium Term Plan (MTP III) and the Big Four Agenda.

These plans have the inherent risk of corruption that continue to plague Kenya. NTA has provided legal reforms to eradicate corruption which will promote transparency and accountability in provision of quality services to citizens.

By  Jemimah Njeri/Hellen Mwangi

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