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NCCK urges leaders from the central region to prioritize service delivery

The clergy allied to the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) central region committee have called upon local elected leaders to shun political competition.

During a press briefing on Friday, the clergy argued that political competition that has been witnessed among elected leaders will be a great disservice to the people in the region.

The members of the clergy led by NCCK central region chairman Rev. Bishop Timothy Gichere said it is wrong for leaders to engage in divisive political wrangles while service delivery is wanting in most of the counties.

“We call on the leaders in our region to minimize political competition and maneuvers and instead focus on service delivery,” said Gichere.

The members of the clergy further observed that despite the people from the region having harvested farm produce due to the recently experienced rains, a large number of residents are still reeling from difficulties relating to educating their children.

“As we appreciate that God gave us rains and thus improved harvest, we recognize that some people are facing numerous challenges as they strive to educate and seek medical care for their children.

“As church members, we call upon the government to put in strategies that will continue to lower the cost of living of the people of this great country. Access to subsidized fertilizers and lowering of the costs of inputs must be prioritized,” stated Gichere.

The Bishop also observed that the delay in disbursement of funds to devolved units is hurting service delivery in county governments.

“Differences being experienced relating to the division of revenue between the national and county governments need to be addressed. Service delivery has been greatly affected in the counties and this adds to the difficulties the people are currently experiencing,” he added.

The church leaders further urged the government to consult the residents widely through public participation, especially prior  to implementation of some of the major policies.

Bishop of the National Independent Church of Africa of Embu Njeru Nyaga said people-centered policies would be the most progressive ones so that the people would not feel over-burdened by some of the government’s policies.

“The government promised, it should listen more and speak less. A Large number of residents feel they  are being overburdened by some policies, and this can be solved through proper public participation.” He added.

The church, the bishop noted, will continue to point out areas that need to be improved by the government and give the right counsel to leaders to ensure the needs of citizens are prioritized.

On her part, Susan Wangari, who is a woman representative in the NCCK regional committee, asked the government to accelerate the health reforms.

She observed with the proposed reforms in the sector, some hospitals have stopped treating people covered by the NHIF.

“The reforms being implemented in the health sector should be hastened to save the sick from being imposed with hefty bills and forced to pay from their pockets. The government should fast-track the health agenda and end the current confusion,” she stated.

 By Bernard Munyao


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