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NCIC banking on youth to push peace agenda

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has challenged the youth to take an active and leading role in promoting sustainable peace and stability in the country.

Deputy Director, Public Outreach, NCIC, Mr Kilian Nyambu, said young people bear the brunt of political violence, thus becoming essential actors in contributing to peacebuilding processes.

The Commission, Nyambu said, has established aggressive programs to nurture this population segment so they can be actively engaged as change-makers and peacebuilders within the community.

“NCIC is deliberately focusing on nurturing the younger generation to confer on them the responsibility of taking charge of peacebuilding matters within their domain for a safer country,” he stated.

Nyambu made the remarks while addressing youth representatives during the Wajibika Regional Youth Dialogue Forum, Kisumu edition, held on Thursday.

The 3-day forum targeted young people from different sectors drawn from Kisumu’s informal settlements who are more susceptible to skirmishes and turmoil.

“Youths are potential prey for some misguided politicians who use and dump them for their selfish gain. This has resulted in the young people recording the highest number of casualties and having their opportunities destroyed,” Nyambu stated.

He prevailed upon the non-governmental organizations and county and national government agencies involved in peace work to scale up their intervention programs by sensitizing youths to understand their role in contributing towards the realization of long-term peace and stability.

A tranquil environment, he noted, is critical to the progress and development of the community.

“Differences in terms of opinion should not be construed as enmity. As NCIC, we encourage Kenyans to embrace one another to build a stable nation that can attract local and foreign investors for prosperity.”

By Robert Ojwang’

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