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NCIC holds peace caravans in Narok

National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) is holding a peace caravans in Narok County in a bid to sensitize the residents on the need to uphold peace during this electioneering season.

NCIC commissioner Abdulaziz Farah said their aim is to ensure that that every citizen felt secure before and after the election unlike what was experienced in the previous years.

He spoke at a Narok hotel during a youth sensitization forum that brought together many youth groups, before leading a caravan in the county to preach peace.

Farah said the commission has vowed that this year’s election would be peaceful before and after as they have put structures in place to preach peace.

“We have put up a plan called ‘uchaguzi bila noma’, this is a slogan we want to preach to all the citizens so that they can see the need of embracing peace,” he reiterated.

He warned the politicians that they risked stern action if they preached to their followers messages that could easily breach peace in the country.

“We are telling the politicians that Kenyans are fed up with violence. Enough is enough, we should not cause chaos because of election,” he said, adding that, they were eying politicians who would utter divisive words so that they can arrest them.

Farah said the training focuses on the youth as they were the ones used by politicians to cause chaos noting they would train all youth groups to resist from war.

“Youth should learn to accept politicians who tell them about their manifesto and what good they will bring in the country instead of echoing the politicians with insults and hate speeches,” he said.

He called on politicians to be respectful when asking for votes advising them that there was no single vote they would add by insulting their fellow politicians.

Ms. Daisy Muthoni, a content creator in YouTube and tik tok said she attended the NCIC forum to learn how to use the platform to preach peace.

“If at all I can use the social media platform to make jokes and attract the attention of many people, why can’t I use the same platform to preach peace,” she remarked.

By Ann Salaton

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