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NCIC roots for students’ involvement to quell political intolerance

University students in the country have been challenged to take a leading role to promote good values and governance.

            National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) in partnership with Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has embarked on a programme to sensitize university students to quell political intolerance ahead of the 2022 general elections.

            KFCB Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua said universities are key institutions in the society and should take a leading role in shaping moral values and national cohesion.

            “Youth in the country must be fully involved in the efforts to realise sustainable moral values in the society, peace and reconciliation,” said Mutua.

            The KFCB boss was speaking in Mombasa on Wednesday during University students training on countering electoral violence and political intolerance at the Kenya School of Government that was attended by about 70 representatives.

            Mutua promised to involve university students in the efforts to promote moral values and prevent youth from engaging in promiscuous activities.

            University students’ leaders present were from Kenyatta, Multimedia, Moi, TUM, and Nairobi among other public and private universities in the country.

            Mutua implored the university students to take an active role in national policy formulations for them to be part and parcel of development programs and help them to shape their common agenda.

            “It is now time to start the national conversation to involve students in key policy formulations as they have an important role in shaping the society,” added Mutua.

            The meeting comes amid the rising political temperatures and intolerance that has resulted in several cases of violence in different parts of the country.

            NCIC Deputy Director of Communication Olive Metet urged university leaders to promote cohesion and peaceful co-existence among Kenyans.

            “We are sensitizing them on their role as university students’ leaders to go and preach the gospel of political tolerance and sensitize youth to refuse to be used by politicians to engage in unlawful activities,” said Metet.

            Multimedia University students’ union president Jenifer Mbogo advised her colleagues to disassociate themselves from activities that endanger their careers and resist attempts to use them for political reasons.

            “We must resist any attempt to instigate violence on behalf of selfish politicians,” said Mbogo who also challenged those seeking elective positions to preach peace and desist from inciting their supporters from acts of violence and help reduce escalating political tension.

            She also called on the positive use of social media and castigated those using the platforms to promote hate speech and incitement.

by Mohamed Hassan

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