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Negative effects of make-up can be avoided

Every lady likes a touch of lipstick and a flick of eye shadow or foundation but forget the proverbial clause of two sides of a coin.


Desiring to have a perpetual selfie-ready face 24/7 can have various harmful effects on your skin, and ladies should take precautionary measures to avert misuse of any product that can be disastrous to their skin.


Judy Muthoni, a dermatologist from Kiambu town while speaking to KNA from her office yesterday said that most ladies love the idea of using make up but that they do not know how to apply it appropriately.


“Once you apply that mascara or eyeliner to get that perfect wing, don’t forget how hard you have rubbed your face with foundation to set it right. Not being gentle on your skin will eventually lead to the development of wrinkles and lines causing premature aging which is not popular to many people, not to mention the chemicals present in the products which accelerate the problem.”


Miss Muthoni also mentioned that make-up could also cause skin allergies. “You will experience itchiness accompanied with redness on your skin meaning that it is irritated, therefore signaling you to act so as to address the discomfort.


She says make-up products, mostly those that contain water have preservatives that are not always gentle on your skin and so they cause allergic reactions. Make-up can also cause skin discoloration. These products contain many chemicals which could react with your skin causing patches, freckles or uneven skin.


“Ladies say or rather explain their reason for using make up as a way to hide flaws but end up exaggerating the application thus damaging their already natural beautiful skin all because they don’t know what works out well for them. For a lady that likes wearing make-up, first of all make sure you are well informed and you have the right answers,” the dermatologist advised


She gave a few pointers that users of makeup should definitely apply. “When next you buy cosmetics, don’t just watch out or be more vigilant with the prices, also pay attention to make sure you don’t pick products with harmful skin care ingredients. Get products that don’t have preservatives such as parabens, or a fragrance or oi. Ask for non acnegenic products because they won’t cause acne.”


On the brushes, she says one should clean them very frequently to remove the bacteria that they collect in the strands to avoid harming your skin. “Dip them in warm water and soap once in a week at least so as to be sure that you are using the right items.”


“Lastly, know your skin. Don’t be so casual or freelance with your skin. If you happen to forget your foundation or powder don’t borrow that of your friend because your skin types could be different. Mixing products is also a big never do. Invest in seeing a doctor, especially a dermatologist or a cosmetologist so that you can get to know all about your skin and use all the right products for a beautiful radiant skin.” Miss Muthoni says.


By Lydia Shiloya and Angel Kuraru

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