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New agency takes over EPC and Brand Kenya Roles

The  government has officially approved the establishment of the Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency (KEPROBA), to take over the roles of Exports Promotion Council and Brand Kenya which have been dissolved.

The  new  Agency  will be headed by Jas  Bedi as the Non-Executive Chairperson, while  Jacqueline Muga, Kathleen Kihanya and Mark Bichachi  will serve as private sector representatives on the Board for a period of three years.

In a special Kenya Gazette notice dated 9th August, 2019, other Board members, include the Principal Secretary for Trade, the  Attorney-General or his representative and the Principal Secretary for the National Treasury.

Congratulating, Bedi on his new appointment, the Principal Secretary for Trade, Dr. Chris  Kiptoo said the functions of the Agency would include advocating, coordinating, harmonizing and implementing export promotion, national branding initiatives and policies that promote Kenyan goods and services in export markets.

It  will also be mandated with the task of collecting, collating, disseminating, serve as a repository of trade and Kenya brand information, encourage and monitor the observance of international standards and specifications by exporters.

“Besides providing national branding guidelines for stakeholders’ initiatives including Kenya missions abroad, the Agency  will also advocate, promote and facilitate the development and diversification of Kenya’s export trade,” added Dr. Kiptoo.

The  PS  said KEPROBA would also be required to promote and brand Kenya as a supplier of high quality goods and services, and ensure that there is harmonized application of the national mark of identity for Kenyan goods and services.

He said for the country to continue flourishing in trade, the new agency would have to formulate and implement strategies that could improve balance of trade, foreign exchange earnings, retention, offer technology upgrading, quality and design improvement.

Dr. Kiptoo noted that while discharging its duties, the Agency would be guided by market development, promotion and national branding, trade information, business counselling service, enterprise and product development, research and policy facilitation.

President  Uhuru Kenyatta in a Special issue 565 Kenya Gazette Supplement No. 117 of 9th August, 2019 established the Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency as the successor to the Brand Kenya Board established by the Brand Kenya Board Order, 2008 and the Export Promotion Council established on the 19th August, 1992 through Gazette Notice No. 4342 of 1992.

By  Bernadette  Khaduli

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