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Newly recruited teachers urged to uphold professionalism

Teacher  recruitment officials gathered at Kathanthatu Secondary School in Imenti South sub-county had to go beyond the laid down guidelines to make decisions on who to recruit.

Speaking  at  the venue, the host Sub County Education Director (SCED), Mercy Kagwiria said the number of applicants against the advertised slots was overwhelming, saying it was a clear indication that there were enough teachers to cater for the current teacher deficit in most schools in the country.

Kagwiria commended recruitment panels for taking a step further beyond the guidelines to scrutinize the KCSE performance of a candidate in the respective teaching subjects applied for.

The  SCED  said the idea came in handy in situations where more than one candidate scored equal marks going by the basic and mandatory requirements indicated in the advertisement floated by the TSC.

She  said the large number of applicants called for consultation between the officials and the applicants before embarking on the exercise, where a consensus was reached that only those who had graduated in the year 2014 and 2015 would be subjected to the interview.

The  SCED  commended recruitment panels for removing vested interests to ensure that only the most qualified and deserving applicants were given the employment opportunity paving way for their colleagues to compete for the next opportunity.

A  Principal  who requested not to be named said the consultation initiated by the director was an idea well thought of, saying his school had only one slot for a mathematics and business studies teacher which had attracted a total of 46 applicants.

By  Makaa Margaret

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