NGAAF disburse money to groups in Samburu

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Over Sh 6.4 million from the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) was Thursday disbursed to 37 women, youth and people living with disabilities groups in Samburu County to boost their economic activities.

            While disbursing the cheques to the self-help groups at the Kenyatta stadium in Maralal town, Samburu women representative, Maison Leshoomo lauded the women who have formed self-help groups and started viable economic activities that are enabling them to take their children to school.

            She noted that most women in the villages are illiterate and are left at home to do domestic work, adding that through civic education from extension officers, the women are now running small businesses using government funds.

            “The various women groups are now engaged in bee keeping, poultry farming, tree nurseries and many more that are making them financially independent,” she said.

            The women representative underscored the commitment of the women groups’ engagement in economic activities, saying that she has received a proposal from a women group requesting iron sheets and water tanks.

“This means that the women want to abandon the traditional nomadic lifestyle by adding iron sheets to their Manyattas and tanks to collect rain water so that they stay put and continue investing the funds they get from the government,” she said.

            Speaking to KNA, Florence Nasieku, a beneficiary and member of Namnyak Disabled women group lauded the openness of the NGAAF, saying that it does not discriminate against the applicants as long as they have met the required parameters.

            Samburu central Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), John Otieno noted that from the Sh. 6.4 million, cheques worth Sh. 2.2 million was disbursed to various schools and colleges as bursaries, while Sh. 1.9 million was for economic empowerment and Sh. 2.3 million was disbursed for value addition to various groups.

            He advised the beneficiaries to invest the money as per the groups’ proposal and also urged the necessary government departments to follow up on their progress.

            At the same time, the DCC noted that the primary and secondary school turnout in Samburu County is at 83 percent, further urging parents to send their children back to school after the nine month COVID-19 break.

            “Chiefs and their assistants have orders to trace all children that have not enrolled back and any resistance from parents will lead to arrests,” he warned.

By Robert Githu

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