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NGO donates shower booths to mitigate coronavirus

A local NGO, Siaya Strategic Assembly (SSA) has donated two shower booths to boost sanitization efforts in Bondo town.
Speaking Saturday during the launch of the two shower booths, the organization patron Collins Oyuu said the booths will help in sanitization of a large number of people at once, and will help contain the spread of coronavirus in the area.
Oyuu stated the fight against corona virus can only be won through concerted efforts by both the public and private sectors, hence the move by SSA to compliment government’s efforts in the fight against the pandemic.
The shower booths were handed over to Bondo Covid-19 response team chaired by the area Deputy County commissioner Tom Macheneri who identified strategic locations to place them so that they can effectively serve the people.
“We a have a booth at the main stage GUBA as you enter Bondo and the second one at Migingo market. These are the two of the busiest spots in the town and the Bondo Covid- 19 response team chose the spots so that big populations can benefit,” Oyuu stated.
He said that SAA has partnered with the area NG -CDF office and the Kenya Power Company to ensure that disinfectants, water and electricity bills incurred at the booths are paid so that the public can continuously benefit from the initiative.
“NG-CDF has committed to buy disinfectants and pay water bills used in the booths, while Kenya power will settle the electricity bills used until the end of pandemic” Oyuu said.
The patron, who is also KNUT national official said that they will also donate an additional eight booths to the remaining five sub counties of Gem, Ugenya, Ugunja, Rarieda and Alego Usonga to help fight the spread of coronavirus.
Macheneri who launched those booths expressed gratitude to SAA for working hand in hand with Bondo Covid-19 response team and encouraged other organizations and individuals to donate towards curbing the virus and supporting those already affected by the pandemic.
“Currently my office coordinates all the donations coming from organizations and individuals to ensure fair distribution. We still have a long way to go because most people still do not have adequate food since their business have been shut following the pandemic. We also need more sanitizers and masks,” he remarked.
However, the county commissioner stated that the booths should be used alongside other guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health like social distancing, wearing of masks, washing hands and adhering to curfew hours to effectively contain potential spread of the virus.
He urged the public to utilize the shower booths effectively and reports to his office any case of individuals who may attempt to vandalize them for immediate action.
The booths will be managed on a day to day basis by the office of the area Medical Health Officer.
By Brian Odeng’

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