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NGO Trains Nyumba kumi ambassadors in Kilifi

A non- governmental organization in Kilifi County has stepped in to facilitate training of Nyumba kumi ambassadors in the area in a bid for them to understand their role as they execute their duties at the grassroots levels.

            Representatives from the nine sub Counties in the area have been allocated into three groups for easy training with Kilifi North, Ganze and Kauma having started their two-day training Wednesday to be followed by Kaloleni, Rabai and Chonyi in another group and Kilifi South, Malindi and Magarini to form the last group for training next week.

            Kilifi County Commissioner Kutswa Olaka who is coordinating the exercise said Re- Invent, a non- organization operating in the area has volunteered to sponsor the exercise to the tune of Sh1.8 million to ensure the ambassadors understand the guidelines contained in the initiative that was launched by the President in October 2013.

            Launching the exercise for the 42 participants drawn from the three sub counties at Kibaoni social hall Wednesday, Kutswa lauded the role the participants have been performing in promoting communication between the government and the communities.

            He said their role has also improved the work being done by the police services in prompting quick action to areas of insecurity and enhancing cooperation amongst communities at the grassroots levels.

            “The government is appreciating our partners who find the need to empower the volunteers of our Nyumba kumi clusters with the knowledge that is helping to improve security and enhance harmony within the communities,” he said.

           Justus Mwalimu Kiponda, 56 from Ganze Sub County said the training has been long overdue as it will empower them to understand their role at the grassroots revealing that they have had the task of bringing families together whenever they start accusing one another of witchcraft.

            “We have helped to prevent murders of the elderly on several occasions when the youth take drugs and start accusing their parents of practicing witchcraft. We have realized that the youth are only after property inheritance after killing their parents,” he said.


by Harrison Yeri   

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