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NGOs work together in creating awareness on Covid-19

The Treasurer of  CSOs  in Tharaka  Nithi County, Irene  Wanja on Friday April 3, 2020. Photo by KNA.

As  the number of Covid-19 cases continue to rise in the country, different Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Tharaka Nithi have come together to create awareness of the global pandemic among the County residents.

Addressing the press in Chuka town on Friday, the Program Coordinator of Gradif Kenya in Tharaka Nithi county and also secretary of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Network, Lacton Mugambi said they have come together in order to counter ignorance about the spread of Corona virus in both the towns and villages.

Mugambi noted that most of the people in the village have no radio or TV to inform them on what was going on in the country and that is why they have taken the initiative to go from door to door to create awareness.

He added that with the awareness, the residents of would be able to take the right measures given by the government towards prevention of spread of Covid-19 more seriously.

“We have come together as NGOs to work on awareness on the spread of covid-19 to the residents of Tharaka Nithi who may not have access to radio or TV especially on how to treat relatives coming from other countries or big cities,”said Mugambi.

Ms. Joan Kangethe, a Health Promotion Officer, has warned parents against sending their children to the shopping centers or market places since they were released from school so that parents could take care of them in the safety of their homes.

She further said that it has been noticed that most of the children who may not be able to observe the government guidelines were out there in the marketplaces and it was very easy for them to be infected with Corona virus.

Ms. Kangethe also urged parents to educate their children on the measures they should take like washing hands as many times as possible and also informing them on what not to do as most of them were used to shaking hands with everyone.

Irene Wanja, treasurer of the CSOs network, has requested all the well wishes to also support the less fortunate people in the village during this period and also work together with the government in sensitization of covid-19.

The  awareness has begun in Karingani, Mugwe, Magumoni and Mitheru wards and they hope to visit most of the locations in Tharaka Nithi County.

By  Kenneth Marangu/Monicah Nyagah

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