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NHIF urged to intensify sensitization drive

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has been encouraged to enhance its sensitization initiatives to make more people aware of the services they offer.

Speaking at a sensitization session on the Comprehensive Medical Insurance Scheme for Civil Servants at Sahara West Park Hotel in Ruaka Kiambaa, Deputy County Commissioner, Peter Maina, who officiated at the ceremony, emphasized on the importance of creating awareness.

“It is crucial for civil servants to get sensitization on what NHIF covers,” Maina said. While emphasizing on the need for awareness, the DCC shared a personal experience of when the NHIF cover came in handy for him when it was most needed.

“A doctor had run a test on me to check my heart and referred me to a cardiologist who also did a similar test and confirmed the first doctor’s diagnosis,” Maina said.

“The cardiologist then did a procedure to clear my arteries which were blocked by cholesterol and the total bill came to Sh1 million but NHIF paid Sh945, 000,” he said.

While further vouching for the organization, the DCC added that he had to go for a second surgery which was almost fully paid for by NHIF.

Ting’ang’a Assistant County Commissioner, Peter Mose, while giving the closing remarks, called on the insurer to continue with its efforts of sensitization confessing that even he did not know about some of the services that the provider offered. “I, for one, did not know about the emergency services,” Mose said in his remarks.

He went on to urge those present to seek to know more about services offered by NHIF to prevent desperation when emergency services occurred while they have a comprehensive cover that could come to their aid.

The Central Region Head of NHIF, Winnie Njenga, implored the civil servants present to however use the cover with restraint as it has limits.

She urged them to consider the limits set for their respective job groups and to get procedures only when necessary to prevent exhausting the cover and being stranded when it’s most needed.

A Deputy Director of the State Department of Public Service, Mary Muchiri, who was also present at the function, urged those present to update their next of kin details on the group life cover to prevent confusion when a civil servant who is the principal holder of the cover dies.

“Please update the next of kin details so that the compensation goes to the right person in the event that you pass on,” she added.

Apart from the group life cover, NHIF also covers burial expenses amongst other costs that occur in the event of a death.

They also cover inpatient and outpatient costs, maternity, renal and rehabilitation for civil servants and dependents who are covered by the scheme.

Other services include emergency medical evacuation, by road and air. Treatment overseas is also covered where necessary.

By Duncan Mutwiri

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