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Notorious Chang’aa Dealer Arrested In Bomet

A notorious dealer in the outlawed chang’aa alcoholic drinks was arrested on Wednesday after being found with 20 litres of the brew and more than 200 litres of Kangara.

Joyce Chepkirui from Olokyin village, Bomet East, is said to be a notorious brewer who has faced the law on several occasions but has continued with the illegal trade.

According to the area Assistant Chief, Paul Ngeno, Chepkirui is an incorrigible criminal who seems determined to engage the government in a cat and mouse game to keep the illegal business going.

Ngeno said raid was one in a series of others targeting the culprit, noting her several brewing equipment had been destroyed in the past only for her to replace them almost immediately.

He said Chepkirui was imprisoned for three months in 2020 but upon release, there was no noticeable change in her behaviour.

The administrator said she had converted her home into a notorious drinking den where patrons have been known to trade in stolen property for drinks.

He cautioned residents against drinking illegal alcohol saying the main reason why government has outlawed chang’aa was that the drinks were not professionally produced and were likely to be detrimental to the health and lives of consumers.

The chief reiterated that the war against chang’aa will not stop till brewers opted to venture into other legal businesses.

Meanwhile, Chepkirui is expected to be arraigned in court to answer preferred charges.

By Kipng’eno Korir 

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