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NPSC embarks on sensitization campaign ahead of police recruitment

The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has embarked on a campaign to sensitize prospective police recruits on what is required of them during and after the recruitment exercise slated for Wednesday.

The commission has been holding conferences with prospective recruits in the counties to guide them on how to be good police officers should they be recruited.

The Commission’s Chairman Eliud Kinuthia, said in Kilifi, that the main aim of the town hall meetings was to advise, guide and educate potential recruits on how police officers operate and what will be expected of them if recruited to the service.

Kinuthia said the commission had decided to visit all the counties to educate prospective officers on things they need to consider to be good and disciplined officers once recruited. This will ensure that those recruited to the service are disciplined and hardworking officers.

He noted that the commission had been handling cases of indiscipline and laziness among serving officers, a thing the commission wants to address through the campaign.

“For the record, the commission has dealt with 899 cases of indiscipline from police officers in a span of three years. Some of them, when they find it difficult in the police, they disappear and come back after 100 working days, forcing the commission to suspend them.

According to Kinuthia, the indiscipline cases include not following instructions, lack of ethics and laziness. He urged the candidates that they should be ready to serve and maintain patriotism once recruited.

“Being a police officer is not like a walk in the park,” he said, adding that for one to be an effective police officer, he/she should brace for the challenges that come with the profession.

Kinuthia also said that the exercise would be free and should anyone be caught with a motive of bribing both parties, (the one bribing and the one taking the bribe) will be dealt with accordingly.

The exercise will see 5000 prospective candidates being selected as recruits in the country, while those to be recruited must have attained a minimum of a D-plus at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and possess a National Identity Card, a birth certificate and a certificate of good conduct.

Kilifi County Police Commander Nelson Shiluwi Taliti, echoed Kinuthia’s sentiment saying the police force is a field that requires one to be disciplined, hardworking and ready to serve the citizens of Kenya at all times.

“For one to be an efficient police officer, he/she should have a calling because our job is not that easy. One should be ready to serve the citizens of Kenya, maintain discipline and follow instructions from your superiors in the field,” he said.

By Friday Amani and Emmanuel Masha

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