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Nurturing talents to curb crime

Elected leaders in Nakuru County have been urged to support talent commercialization among the youth to enable them earn a livelihood and keep off crime.

Kivumbini ward MCA Neto Sakwa promised to work with Nakuru County Assembly sports committee to champion the interests of the talented youths and ensure the sports kitty at the assembly benefits the deserving youths.

He also promised to collaborate with other local sporting organizations and groups to help sponsor and train gifted sportsmen and women at the grassroots to nurture them to become big teams that could compete at national level.

Sakwa said besides ensuring education bursaries benefit deserving cases, he would support talented youths in schools in his ward, which he said to be among the wards afflicted by dreaded criminal gangs that recruit school going youths.

While acknowledging that most youths from Kivumbini ward were talented in different sporting disciplines, the MCA emphasized the need for the elected leaders to help the youth exploit such talents for economic gains.

By fully engaging the youths, Sakwa stated that their energies would be utilized for gainful ventures hence denying them an opportunity to engage in unlawful activities such as crime. “I will play my role well as a leader to ensure talented youths do not go to waste,” assured Sakwa.

Sakwa, who was elected as an independent candidate, also assured the ward residents that he was keen to work with other MCAs and elected leaders to better their lives in addition to creating a conducive environment for small-holder businesses to thrive.

He at the same time advised the residents to cooperate and support the development agenda of the new government for them to reap maximum benefits.

By Esther Mwangi

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