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Nyamira Assembly members vow to work peacefully

Today’s proceedings at Nyamira County Assembly are expected to be conducted peacefully after assembly members resolved to put aside all their differences and coexist harmoniously.

The MCAs’ resolve to operate and conduct assembly sittings peacefully after a full day’s discussion with their Nyamira Governor, Amos Nyaribo on existing differences which they promised to put aside.

Nyaribo while addressing members of the press at a Kisii hotel confirmed that the 36 MCAs led by their Speaker Moffat Teya had vowed to put aside all their differences and work together as one to develop Nyamira.

“Previously we have been having two factions of MCAs who have been antagonizing peaceful sittings and debates in the assembly. This is why I called all of them here for discussion and we have managed to amicably iron out the differences and residents of Nyamira will start seeing a positive change from tomorrow,” Nyaribo assured.

“We should forthwith stop seeing legislators from the National Assembly within the County interfering with County government operations and manipulating MCAs’ decisions instead of fast-tracking development projects to benefit our county,” the Governor warned.

Speaker of Nyamira County Assembly, Moffat Teya also agreed with his Governor’s declaration and affirmed that they have agreed to work peacefully and harmoniously with all the MCAs for the sake of the County’s development.

“Issues which were bringing division in the County assembly have been ironed out as stated by our Governor and we will not revisit. Further we have promised to stop the chaos and fights that have been witnessed in the house in previous sessions and we shall concentrate with pushing forward the development agenda of our County,” Teya guaranteed.

“I agree that differences amongst the MCAs have greatly dragged development in our County but new peaceful co-existence resolutions will start moving things towards the right direction and those three MCAs expelled from the house due to gross misconduct are forgiven and will procedurally be allowed back to the house,” said the Speaker.

Nyamira MCAs have been having physical and verbal fights both in the assembly and publicly for the past three months, a scenario which has portrayed the entire county in bad light and has caused stalemate in County operations compelling the Governor to convene a meeting for peace talks which were successful.

By Deborah Bochere


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