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Nyamira CC guarantees safety during electioneering period

Nyamira County Commissioner, Michael Lesiman, has assured residents of Nyamira that their security is guaranteed during the entire electioneering period.

Talking to the press, Sunday, Lesima said that all the security apparatus for ensuring that the exercise is conducted smoothly and peacefully are in place and there is no cause for alarm. He said they have been holding regular meetings with the entire security team and the county IEBC manager to ensure that nothing should pose a security threat in the whole election exercise.

“The Security Department and all the relevant agencies are working together to ensure we deliver credible elections in the County. All our 643 polling centres and the IEBC personnel will be provided with adequate security officers and we don’t expect anything bad to happen. We have set aside extra security officers from our county and our regional office who will be on standby so that just in case an emergency arises they will handle it efficiently,” he said.

“The electorates should not remain in the polling station after voting because you may be a serious suspect of any crime and the security personnel may deal with you in a manner which you may interpret as inappropriate. After voting it is wise that you go home and peacefully listen from your radio gadgets or watch from the television sets on the progress of the election process and the ultimate outcome,” Commissioner Lesiman advised.

“It has been clearly stipulated by IEBC that nobody will be allowed to linger around the polling centres. All the aspirants have their political party agents who will be supervising the exercise and there will, therefore, be no need for electorates to aimlessly idle around the polling centre,” he added.

By Deborah Bochere

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