Nyamira procures Sh20 million drugs from MEDS

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Nyamira Deputy Governor Dr. James Gesami received a consignment of drugs Friday, worth Sh 20 million courtesy of Mission for Essential Drugs and Supply (MEDS).

Dr. Gesami explained that the drugs were delayed this time because their regular supplier, Kenya Medical Supply Agency (KEMSA) was unable to deliver procured commodities in record time which compelled the department of health to quickly source for a different supplier because county hospitals were in dire need of these commodities.

“We have traditionally been procuring drugs from Kenya Medical Supply Agency (KEMSA) despite us making payments in good time, unprecedented delays compelled us to look for an alternative agency to supply us with medical commodities which were urgently required,” explained Dr. Gesami.

“The shortage of drugs in our hospitals was unbearable and though expensive in comparison to KEMSA, we had to source for funds and procure some while waiting for KEMSA’s supply,” he further stated.

Among the assorted drugs and equipment received were; analgesics, powdered gloves, antibiotics and fluids that can be used in daily operations in maternity and theatre wards.

“The consumption of these drugs shall be within the time range of two months after which, we shall procure more worth the same amount before August to ensure that our county health facilities provide all the basic services to our clients.

Mr. Habre Aser, Branch Manager Kisumu for MEDS expressed the agency’s commitment to partner with the County Government of Nyamira in supplying them with drugs within the stipulated timeline to ensure that patients are attended to efficiently and they access necessary drugs to save their lives.

By Deborah Bochere

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