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Nyeri Bishop opposes auditing of churches

The Nyeri Bishop of Foursquare Gospel Church of Kenya Bishop Erastus Njoroge has said churches should not take a blanket blame over one stray church or pastor.

Speaking after a church service at Mweiga, Kieni West Sub County the bishop noted that Paul Makenzie of the Good News International church (GNI) case is a sign of the last days adding that many other cases will be witnessed in near future.

Njoroge said Makenzie should carry his own cross and let other churches continue with their faith adding they usually take their returns to the Attorney General and so they should not be condemned just because one of them has broken the law.

He said there is no need for the Government to crackdown on the churches but should encourage selfregulation.

“You cannot crackdown on Churches. Since it is like auditing our faith which is impossible.You cannot have a crackdown of faith. If it’s a must, let the Government involve us,” said Bishop Njoroge.

The cleric also called on the Government to distinguish those who have been called to serve the gospel and those who acquired knowledge of the gospel to make money.

Lately, the church has come under scrutiny after tens of bodies were found at Shakahola forest in Kilifi County and the case has been linked to Mr. Makenzie.

By Beth Ndirangu

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