Nyeri hosts annual festival to promote creative arts and culture

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The county government of Nyeri is hosting a two-day festival with the aim of promoting Nyeri’s rich cultural heritage.

According to the organizers of the event dubbed Nyeri Annual Tourism and Cultural Festival, the county is hoping to promote the rich socio-cultural heritage of the Agikuyu community through food, cultural performances and art exhibitions.

Speaking to KNA, the County Executive Committee Member for Trade, Cooperatives, Culture and Tourism, Diana Kendi said that the festival will play a crucial role in preserving cultural expressions for future generations.

She at the same time stressed on the importance of youth participation in the festival to learn about the Gikuyu culture.

“I was impressed to see the young people marvel at the postcolonial rotary dial phones landline phones. It made me realize that culture is continuum. What seem modern to a millennial, is already artefact to the next generation,” she stated.

Kendi said that her department will use the festival as a platform for nurturing talent and transferring knowledge and traditions between the older generations to the youth. Additionally, she noted the festival will also foster understanding between the old and the young by addressing some the generation gap issues that often lead to conflict between different age groups.

“Our main goal is to create a platform where people of all ages can come together. One might wonder why we don’t have separate festivals that cater to both the young and old. The reason is that we are creating a platform where everyone can come together ensuring the older people also can have fun and gain understanding of younger generation,” Kendi said.

The first day of the event saw different exhibitors showcase artefacts, clothing, traditional medicine of the Agikuyu community at the PCEA Nyamachaki Primary School in Nyeri.

Participants were also treated to cultural music and dance performances by various groups.

Janerose Mukiri, an exhibitor in the heritage sector from Nyeri Museum, noted that exhibition is instrumental in ensuring that the younger generation actively participates in cultural festivals.

She noted that such festivals are also important in educating the young about the different cultures which in turn helps them appreciate the country’s rich history.

“This engagement helps them gain insights into various historical aspects, such as understanding how and why colonizers operated detention centres, thus nurturing a deeper appreciation for the freedom they enjoy,” said Mukiri.

Paul Mwai, an exhibitor stated that the event would act as a community- driven initiative to commemorate culture value diversity and foster harmony and tranquility.

The festival will culminate Saturday with the awarding of contestants participating under the various categories and crowning of Mr and Miss Nyeri 2024.

By Waithera Mumbi and Brenan Atubwa

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