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Nyeri Leaders Back Governor  Wairi for  2022 Presidency

A Group of Nyeri opinion leaders have come together to support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Led by a nominated MCA youth, Patrick Mutahi in a statement to the press they said they fully support President Uhuru Kenyatta. and opposed those that are disrespecting the President in their words and deeds.

They also urge Governor Mwangi Wa Iria to go for the top seat in the next General Elections adding that his performance has been sterling and he represents the Mt. Kenya finest in matters leadership.

Mutahi said Wairia carries and represents the future Mt. Kenya hopes and aspirations post 2022.

The group said their actions now and in 2022 are and shall be guided by reason, intellect, wisdom and interests and not by money, blackmail, intimidation or coercion.

“Those who seek power by plotting to divide Mt. Kenya through underhand dealings, lies, self-interests and propaganda should know that, those foolishly riding on a back of a tiger ended up inside’’, said leaders

On Revenue sharing they said, they fully support the revenue sharing formula that will fully represent one man, one vote and one shilling endeavor that seeks to address the question of equity, equality and fairness across the country.

Nyeri County, just like other Counties, is yet to receive its share of revenue three months into the current financial year 2020/2021.This is resulting in serious implications in the general operations of County Governments, payments of the county staff salaries and general county development

They also said as Nyeri leaders they fully support the Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe and we fully pledge to support him in the war to fight corruption at Afya House saying Mutahi Kagwe has given his best during Covid-19 Pandemic.


By Beth Ndirangu 

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