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Nyong’o flags-off electric motorbikes to enhance service delivery

Kisumu Governor Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o has flagged-off seven electrified motorbikes to be used to improve on service delivery in the County.

All the seven Sub-counties will each receive the newly assembled E-Bikes. Ward administrators have been trained to ride and will now use the acquired motorbikes to discharge their daily duties.

While unveiling the motorcycles, Nyong’o said they are electrically modified therefore do not emit carbon fumes which pollutes the environment.

“This is a savior. They do not have exhaust pipes, hence, nothing is produced in terms of smoke,” said the Governor.

He also said this is a move by his government to ensure that the atmosphere is kept clean and urged the monitoring and regulation department to ensure that this is achieved.

A few months ago, the Governor formulated policies to regulate motorcycles that emit large amounts of smoke into the atmosphere.

The E-bikes, which are green in colour, are environmentally friendly and authorities in the country are currently embracing the new technology to combat carbon emissions.

The lack of an exhaust pipe also reduces the risk of burn when the pipes get heated.

Maintenance of the bikes is easy since they do not have air filters, oil, spark plugs, timing belts, a clutch, or even a gearbox.

Just like electric cars, E-motorbikes use the energy stored in rechargeable batteries. They do not use fuel, thus, saving the county on fuel cost.

They do not shake while riding or when stopping. Sometimes, these vibrations irritate to an extent that when you reach your destination, your legs shake.

By Robert Ojwang’ and Lorine Awino

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