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Nyumba Kumi warned against executing disciplinary actions on suspects

Masaba North Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Tobias Otunga has warned Nyumba Kumi officers against executing any disciplinary action on people reported to them, saying it is against the law.

Otunga stated that Nyumba Kumi officers are not allowed to execute any disciplinary measure on people reported to them about crimes they have done, instead they are supposed to report the matter to area administrative chiefs or their assistants to make a decision on how the matter at hand will be handled.

The DCC made this statement while addressing members of the public during issuance of bursary to students from Kitutu Masaba Constituency in Nyamira County.

“Nyumba Kumi officers and clan elders have no authority whatsoever to execute any form of punishment on people who have been reported to them about their indiscipline or unbecoming behavior. All they are allowed to do is initiate dialogue to amicably settle the dispute at hand or report the matter to relevant authorities,” Otunga advised.

“Complaints from aggrieved citizens who have reported that Nyumba Kumi officers are using excessive force when handling discipline matters as if they are police officers is unlawful and this scenario has brought animosity amongst many family members in this Sub County.” Otunga observed.

“When a dispute or any matter between two disputing parties is brought before Nyumba Kumi officers, don’t force compliance or decide to execute disciplinary actions because it is unlawful; instead dialogue to solve it or escalate it. If reports of assault or abuse are levelled against any of you at the police station, you will be dealt with individually before the courts of law a scenario which breeds animosity, threaten people’s security and hinders development,” he noted.

Otunga further warned parents or care givers of school going children against leaving their children at home with unwarranted excuses pointing out that various leaders and organisations in the area have initiated bursary programmes which will enable poor and vulnerable children go to school and have an opportunity to pursue their dream careers.

“There is therefore no excuse why children should stay at home allegedly for lack of school fees,” he said.

“We will not relent in fighting illicit brews in our villages because it is the root cause of underdevelopment and poverty in our homes. We will collaborate with police and other administration officers to raid homes where we are tipped that they are brewing illicit brew destroy it and arrest brewers, peddlers, consumers and ensure they are arraigned before court to face the full force of law,” warned the DCC.

Kitutu Masaba Member of Parliament (MP) Clive Ombane Gisairo distributed bursary to both secondary and tertiary vulnerable students worth Sh.52,310,000 to assist them continue with their education uninterrupted.

By Deborah Bochere


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