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Obado wants rice farmers protected from cartels

Import of cheap rice at Kuja Irrigation Scheme is frustrating the efforts of rice farmers towards attaining profitable sales, Migori Governor Zachary Obado has revealed.
The Governor who was speaking on Tuesday during the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Lower Kuja Block 21 Irrigation Scheme said afew cartels are interfering with the prices of rice at the scheme.
He said such arrangements are frustrating the efforts of farmers towards achieving profitable prices and bringing more interested residents to embrace rice farming.
Obado tasked national policymakers to push for laws which shield farmers from frustrations related to the importation of cheap agricultural goods and products, which can be produced locally.
He said the rice scheme at Kuja Irrigation Scheme is capable of employing thousands of people.
Obado regretted that farmers do not have control over fertilizer prices, which makes the farmers suffer huge losses because they are sold expensively compared to the final output of the goods.
Block 21 at Kuja Irrigation Scheme has been identified for production of Sweet potato vines as a strategy to boost sweet potatoes farming in Migori. The Scheme has been occasioned by the construction of sweet potatoes processing plant at Getonganya Kuria West.
The scheme is expected to enhance the production of high-quality potatoes vines, hence boost production to feed the processing plant.
The Scheme estimated to cost close to Sh100 million has been sponsored by the National Irrigation Board, World Bank, and the County Government of Migori.
Obado however thanked development partners led by the World Bank for their resilient efforts towards improving livelihoods of Migori residents.
He promised to ensure prudent use of funds from development partners.

By Geoffrey Satia

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