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Education officials emphasise on integrity as exams kicks off

Centre managers, supervisors and invigilators have been urged to ensure that the 2021 KCPE examinations are conducted in a transparent manner.

Speaking to the team during the opening of the exam container at Busia County Commissioner’s office premises on Monday, the area County Commissioner Dr Ahmed Omar, said that the exercise is very important and should be protected from all forms of malpractices.

“We are on a very serious exercise that has to be protected from any kind of interference that will make it appear not credible,” he said.

Omar urged the examination officials to guard the County’s reputation by doing the right thing both morally and legally.

Busia County TSC Director, Charles Nyauma, reiterated the need for integrity explaining that it is all about the small things done while assuming that they are not being seen.

“We want to deliver these exams to schools with your help so that at the end of the day, the candidates sit for the exams and they receive the results as expected,” he said, adding that centre managers should not do anything that will jeopardize the chances of candidates getting their results.

Nyauma further urged the exam managers to refrain from any action that will make them be at the crossroads with the law.

Busia Deputy Sub County Police Commander, Stephen Kimunya, assured the exam officials that his team has organised two security officers for every examination centre.

“We are ready and what we expect from you as security is a matter of cooperation,” he said.

Busia County Director of Education, Thaddeus Awuor, said that the County has a total of 28,403 candidates out of whom 13,884 are boys and 14,519 are girls.

“Last year, we had a total of 27,100 so we have registered an increment of 4.8% in KCPE,” he said, adding that the County has 490 centres instead of 500 due to merging of some centres.

Awuor further said that the County has registered 16744 candidates of which 8457 are boys while 8292 are girls. “Last year we had 13002, compared to this year, we have made an increment of 28%,” he said.

He added that adequate arrangements have been made for hardship areas like Budalangi to ensure smooth handling of exams.

“We have one candidate who may be doing exams in hospital and adequate arrangements have been made to ensure that she takes the exam at Busia County Referral hospital,” he said.

By Salome Alwanda



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