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Ogiek community allege discrimination in police recruitment exercise

The Ogiek Community living at the Narok South Sub county is up in arms alleging discrimination in the recently concluded police exercise where one of their own was disqualified the last minute.

            Led by Reverend Fred Lemama of Covenant Christian International (CCI), the community lamented that despite being preserved two slots in the recent police recruitment, their son was disqualified in the evening hours without any reason.

            “After undergoing a successful process during the day and having qualified all the steps, our son was removed from the list at 7pm and replaced by another person who had earlier been disqualified,” he said.

            Lemama who spoke Thursday after visiting the County Commissioner’s office alleged that even after raising questions on why their son was disqualified at the night hour, the recruiting officer did not give any reason and instead turned them off.

            The group wondered why the name of the successful candidates was not publicized despite a number of residents demanding to see it.

            The group that wrote a petition to the County Commissioner Evans Achoki asked the Independent Police Oversight Authority to investigate the matter so that the Ogiek community can get the justice they deserve.

            “We first aired our complaints to the Sub County Commissioner Felix Kisalu who directed us to the County Commissioner. We have already given a written complaint to the County Commissioner who promised to forward it to the relevant authority,” he said.

            The spiritual leader alleged that the community has all the reasons to believe that their slot was sold to the merchants of corruption, something they condemned in the strongest term possible.

            “It is even sad to note the young man whose position was stolen is a victim of the Maasai Mau evictions and his family has no home,” said Lemama.

            According to the letter that was handed over to the County Commissioner, the Ogiek community alleged that the Nakuru based OCS who led the exercise did not conduct it fairly alleging it was discriminatory and did not meet the constitutional bench marks.

            Ms. Judy Nagor pleaded with the government to intervene and ensure that justice prevailed because of the Ogiek community that has been marginalized for long.

            She said they will be forced to file the case in court of law if the relevant authorities will not intervene for their son.

            The County Commissioner said he had received the official complaints from the Ogiek Community but will forward their complaint to the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) for further investigations.

            Thirteen men and two women qualified in the recruitment exercise in the sub county that was held at Olulunga grounds.

by Ann Salaton

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