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Ololulunga Police distribute face masks

Police attached to Ololulunga Police Station in Narok South Sub County today took to the streets to do a rare charity work of distributing free face masks to the business community and people at Ololulunga trading center in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Ololulunga Officer Commanding Station (OCS) Gilbert Ngao said the officers had sacrificed their lunch in order to have enough masks to be given to every individual who flocked the market today.

“We agreed in unison to offer the money we use for lunch to buy face masks for our people. We ensured we had enough boxes to distribute a piece to all the people in the market place,” he said.

Ngao said the officers also took the opportunity to educate the residents on the dangers of Covid-19 and how they could curb its spread as per the guidelines set by the government.

“We have seen many families lose their loved ones because of Covid-19 and we believe that the global pandemic is so real. Today we choose to distribute the masks to the people as we educate them on the measures they should take to be on the safe side,” he said.

Ngao asked other good Samaritans to sacrifice to buy face masks to families that could not afford the now essential commodity that is key in keeping Covid-19 at bay.

He called on the residents to ensure they always have face masks on the right way and that they keep a distance of at least one meter from the other.

Ngao reminded that regular hand washing with soap and flowing water was also necessary in keeping the global disease at bay.

Antony Ole Mintilla, a beneficiary of the free masks, lauded the police for the kind gesture saying the move was very heart-touching as police were perceived by the society as violent people who were out to only arrest people who break the law.

“At least today we have seen the other side of the men in uniform. We are surprised that they can be so kind and patient with residents as they educate them on Covid-19,” said Ole Mintila.

By Ann Salaton

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