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Online Success Cards in Covid-19 Era

Digital advertisements has grown immensely over the years and people are adopting to it in their thousands since it has become more effective, reliable and efficient.


            With the National Examinations round the corner, friends and relatives have in the past two weeks been sending success cards to candidates whom they know as they wish them success. This is a show of the love they have for them that they have gone an extra mile to support morally.


 Despite the fact that success cards are something tiny, they mean a big deal to candidates and they feel elated when they receive them from their loved ones who include parents, friends and relatives.


            It is for this reason one of the local dailies went ahead to advertise about the innovation of online cards which has been popular in the recent past. The advert is dubbed ‘Faulu na Nation’ for the KCPE and KCSE class of 2020. It is through them that you send a success message to KCPE or KCSE.candidates and have your message published in the Daily Nation.


            This is a very effective and also a good thing to pass your message through. Students while in school enjoy small things like this because they matter a lot to them. If you want to send a message you first visit success then enter your details which include candidates name, their school name, the success message and who the message is from.


            A user can upload the photo of the candidate and make small payments to facilitate better visibility. There are different payments depending on what you want either sending a text only message or for text and photo messages. This campaign has been running 7th March 2021 and will end on 15th April 2021 and is a limited offer.


            This is a good way for a parent or friends to send a success card to their candidates. This would surely brighten the child’s mood when they see their photo on the newspaper.


 Such cards or messages are of importance to a child because it acts as a reminder that they are candidate hoping to proceed to the next level of life. That he or she is loved and trusted that they can do well and pursue their dreams.


 They can be on the verge of giving up but looking at the message it gives them hope and they work extra hard.


In another development, the Ministry of Education has donated over 15,000 pieces of face masks to the K.C.P.E candidates at Kiambu County in a bid to help them observe Covid 19 precautions during the examination period.


            In an interview with KNA, the Kiambu Sub-county director of Education Mrs. Roselyn Litaba in her office said already some of the public primary schools have received their packages and the program of issuing was ongoing.


            Mrs. Litaba lauded the government for its effort to make the candidates comfortable adding that the ministry in partnership with the Mpesa foundation has also donated sanitary pads to the KCSE candidates during the examination period.


            However Mrs. Litaba says they are facing a transport challenge because most of their school buses are not on the road following the Covid – 19 financial constraint that affected them following the lockdown.


            She says due to the long break during the pandemic, most of the school buses have not been able to be serviced and even fueling them was a challenge.


            The KCPE examinations are set to start on 22nd and end on the 24th of March this year while the rehearsals are on the 19th March.         The KCSE examinations are ongoing after they began the practicals a fortnight ago.



By Catherine Muindi and Harriet Ngami

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