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Oparanya assented 50 bills into law during his tenure

Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has said he has assented 50 bills into law to realize the objectives of devolved governments as espoused in articles 174 and 175 of the constitution of Kenya, 2010.

Oparanya thanked the County Assembly and the Office of the Attorney for drafting and passing the Bills. “I have assented to 50 Bills for the period I have served as the first Governor which is a huge achievement,” he added.

He said assenting to the Bills will enhance the delivery of services and ensure the relevant departments are guided by the law in their operations.

He said the Bills underwent thorough scrutiny by the relevant stakeholders, presented before the public for robust public participation exercises, debated and passed by the Kakamega County Assembly.

The governor said seven bills are due for publication in the Kenya Gazette and subsequently will be operationalized by the County government.

The seven bills include; The Kakamega County Finance Act, 2022 which will enable the County Government to raise revenue through taxes, fees and charges for the 2022/2023 fiscal year and Kakamega County Investment and Development Agency (Amendment) Act, 2022.

The latter amends the Kakamega County Investment and Development Agency Act (KCIDA), 2018 by transferring KCIDA from the Department of Trade, Industrialization and Tourism to the Department of Finance, Economic Planning and ICT to enable KCIDA Ltd to undertake its functions better and improve on service delivery.

Another assented Bill is Kakamega County Administrative Justice Act, 2022 which seeks to promote accountability, transparency and efficient service delivery in the County public service by establishing the Office of the County Ombudsman as an independent and impartial office to inter alia investigate any conduct or omission in county affairs by any county organ or county public officer that is alleged or suspected to be prejudicial or improper.

The other one: Kakamega County Enforcement Service Act, 2021 seeks to establish, organize, functions, discipline and exercise powers and operations of the Kakamega County Enforcement Service.

Kakamega County Persons with Disability Act, 2022 on the other hand seeks to give effect to Article 54 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 by mainstreaming the rights of persons with disabilities within Kakamega County.

Kakamega County Health Services Act, 2022 seeks to give effect to Article 43(1) (a) and part 2 paragraph 2 of the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 to provide a framework to allow the health facilities and public health units retain monies received in order to establish an effective, efficient and sustainable health care system that will ensure the provision of quality, affordable and accessible health care services in Kakamega County.

Kakamega County Natural Resources Management Act, 2022 seeks to give effect to the provisions of Article 69 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2022 in respect of sustainable use and conservation of natural resources within Kakamega County for socioeconomic development.

By John Ochanda


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