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Orengo appoints taskforce to audit county’s financial operations

Siaya governor has appointed a taskforce to carry out a forensic audit of the financial operations of the county government in the last two financial years.

The taskforce, to be chaired by former government auditor general, Edward Ouko, will also evaluate, assess and determine the county’s human resource establishment and revenue administration during the period.

In a press statement dated September 22, 2022, Orengo said that the taskforce will review the existing financial and other internal control systems, processes and procedures of budget management and IFMIS system.

The taskforce, which is expected to complete its mandate within 60 days, will also audit own source revenue collection and utilization, integrity and efficiency of county government activities and supply chains, imprest accounts, retention accounts, pending bills, project management committee funds, payroll and staff establishment.

It will also assess and recommend reforms on governance structures and systems for the purposes of enhancement of efficient and accountable service delivery.

The taskforce has also been tasked with the responsibility of advising the county based growth and development and automation of county operations and e-governance.

Apart from the former auditor general, other members of the taskforce are Nairobi University don Prof. Adams Oloo, former United Nations senior officer, Bella Akinyi and Presidential Delivery Unit director, Jared Buoga.

Other members are Dr Grace Ongile, Dr Peter Joseph Okoth and Rowena Stella Ndeda who will be the taskforce secretary.

Orengo said that the Institute of Economic Affairs will provide technical expertise and support to the taskforce. “The taskforce shall commence and conclude its work within 60 days from the date thereof and at the same time submit interim report within 30 days” read the statement.

The appointment comes a fortnight after the governor put a halt to all procurement and payment of the pending bills.

By Philip Onyango

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