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Amnesty International Kenya has trained Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Tana River on digital rights and the data protection act, of 2019.

“Our main goal is to sensitise the people about this new data protection law. The law helps the citizens to take care of their data and ensure that people’s data is not used arbitrarily in a way that can harm them,” said Victor Ndede, Programme Manager, Amnesty International.

He went on; “We have come to Tana River from Garissa, we are heading to Kilifi to sensitise the people about this new law by paying attention to our digital rights because they are very important”.

“It is important for people to know that they have rights in the digital spaces and that they have a way to inform those with authorities about the injustices they are going through online, as this law has come to help citizens protect their data,” Ndede said.

Data Protection Act No. 24 of 2019, the act established the office of the Data Protection Commissioner.

The office has 11 mandates as stipulated by the act some are: establish and maintain a register of data controllers and data processors, receive and investigate any complaint by any person on infringements of the rights under the Act, and carry out inspections of public and private entities to evaluate the processing of personal data.

The activists were encouraged to create awareness of the data protection act. Rose Haluba, an Activist said she will pass the message to the community to be aware of their rights.

“Today’s training related to data issues has taught me a lot and has made me now know my rights that I cannot give my information easily, I have to ask him questions to find out why he wants to take my data,” she said.

By Sadik Hassan

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