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Organization invests millions in sanitation to improve education

A pilot study to establish the correlation between hygiene and improved education standards has kicked off in east Asembo location, with Rotary International pumping in millions of shillings to improve sanitation.

According to the president of the Rotary club of Kisumu Amos Okello, the project that was initiated jointly with the UNICEF and other partners aims at enhancing school attendance through water, sanitation and hygiene activities.

Speaking at Rariw primary school grounds when the club donated water tanks to the local community, the president said that the local community would also benefit from modern econsan toilets.

“The soil here is not conducive to pit latrines and many had sunk. This is dangerous to both children and the community at large,” Okello noted.

He said that proper sanitation and provision of clean, portable water would enhance the community hygiene and enhance school attendance hence better results. “There is a correlation between clean water, basic education and literacy,” he said.

Rotary International’s assistant governor in charge of western Kenya region Kizito Omollo said that the philanthropic organization would distribute 14 water tanks with a capacity to hold 5,000 litres each to the community.

Omollo added that Rariw primary school would also receive two water tanks of 10,000 litre capacity each to serve the school population and nearby villagers.

He said that Rotary International would also engage in tree planting and provision of sanitary towels to the local girl child.

By Philip Onyango

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