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Organization targeting schools to champion Environment conservation

A drive to attain 10 percent forest cover in Busia County is underway after Bottom-line Unique organization kicked-off a one-day tree planting initiative, targeting schools as a way of sensitizing the community, on dangers posed by deforestation.

In partnership with the Forest Department, County Commissioner’s office and institutions of learning, the Organization has urged schools to be more involved in educating the public about conserving the environment and adapting to Climate Change.

Speaking at Musoma Primary School, Bottomline Unique Organization CEO, Brenda Obuya, noted that the government is working with learning institutions and public facilities to make the presidential directive of planting 15billion trees in 10 years become a reality, in a bid to mitigate the effects of Climate Change.

“Today we have partnered with three primary schools; Musoma , Kisoko Boys and Namuduru,  to plant 1,800 trees, in line with the Presidential Directive, to attain 15 billion trees in 10 years,” said Obuya.

She pointed out that it is everyone’s responsibility to conserve the environment with an essential measure for consideration is the prevention of deforestation, which contributes to Climate Change and environmental degradation.

“Let us embrace tree planting culture. Trees are one of the planet’s natural cleaners, as they purify the gas, we use daily and also protect watersheds, by binding the soil so it does not wash into water sources during rainy seasons,” added Obuya.

The sentiment was echoed by the Busia County Forest Conservator, Vitalis Osondo, who noted that Busia County Forest cover is below the national target of 10 percent, as it stands at 7.8 percent, pausing more threat to global warming experienced in the County, beside change in weather pattern that has affected farming season.

“We have a poor culture of tree planting in this County, a situation that needs urgent initiative from all stakeholders, to address the dangers paused by Climate Change,” said Osondo.

With a growing population in the County of over one million, according to census 2019, many people have now resorted to cutting down trees to burn charcoal and encroaching on wetland, as a mechanism to earn a living.

Nambale Assistant County Commissioner (ACC), Nicholas Bett, encouraged schools to champion renewable energy in the community, in light of dwindling fossil fuel resources, and start recycling plastic bottles, to help advocate against Climate Change that has led to low agricultural production as a result of unpredictable weather patterns.

“Talk to your parents or School Boards about the possibility of switching to cleaner, greener forms of energy such as solar and gas, to help conserve our environment,” advised Bett.

Kisoko Boys Principal, Calistus Musungu, applauded Bottomline Unique organization, for singling out school to partner with, as the best move towards attaining 10 percent cover noting that students are the best conveyor of information, as they are part of it.

“The choice of learning institution is the right direction toward the fight against Climate Change. Pupils will spread the gospel by practicing tree planting,” noted Musungu.

Musungu added that trees will act as natural classrooms that offer conducive learning environments with health advantages from nature.

By Absalom Namwalo


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