Orphan appeals for assistance to join secondary school

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Marion Mocheche Kamonde who garnered 318 marks discusses her performance with her siblings and Grandmother Lucia Kemunto aged 99 who has been her guardian since her parents were murdered by a gang three years ago at Gekonge Village, North Mogirango in Nyamira County. She has appealed to well wishers to help pay her fees to enable join form one.

An orphan whose parents were brutally killed three years ago by an alleged gun totting gang in Gekonge Village, North Mogirango in Nyamira County might not join secondary school for lack of school fees unless well-wishers come to her aid.
Marion Mocheche Kamonde who garnered 318 marks now appeals for help to pay school fees and acquire items required to join Menyenya Secondary school in Nyansiongo which she opted for instead of Nyandoche Secondary School which was her initial NEMIS enrolment school.
Mocheche who is aged 14 narrated her fears of missing out of school even after the government insisted on of 100 per cent transition.
Mocheche who has been living with her grandmother Lucia Kemunto , 99, since her parents demise is the last born among six siblings, two of whom are in form 4 and college respectively.
She could not control sobbing as she recalled her parents death through a terror gang on 16th April 2016 saying she would not have been in her current situation had they been alive.
The girl explained that she would work hard to achieve her dreams of becoming a doctor so that she can assist those requiring plastic surgery like herself, to regain their natural physical appearance.
This desire came after she developed scarring on her arm and leg after the gang allegedly poured acid on her and her parents after shooting them, before torching the house in an attempt to burn them down.
However, her sister Joy Kamonde managed to break the door of the room where the suspects had locked them, saving her and the brother during the incident that took away their parents lives.
The siblings however say that they are yet to receive justice after some suspects well known to the community were arrested and later released.
Her first born brother Rashid Ochika Kamonde said the family had tried to keep the scene of incident intact and no one lives in the family house built in 1996 anymore.
The siblings said any assistance towards her education would go a long way in assisting them rebuild their lives and easing the pain of losing their parents.
Well- wishers can send their donations through mobile No.0725855853.
By Jane Naitore

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