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Osotsi Urges Leaders to Stop Divisive Politics

Nominated Legislator Godfrey Osotsi has challenged politicians to stop early campaigns and instead focus on service delivery.


Speaking to the press at Budaywa Primary School in Vihiga County over the weekend after engaging social welfare groups, Osotsi cautioned politicians to stop dividing Kenyans on political lines reminding that time for active politics has not come.


“Why are we taking voters for granted? Instead of delivering services to the public we are engaging in divisive politics meant to divert Kenyans from holding us responsible?” he asked.


Urging Kenyans to shun leaders who are out to propagate hustler-dynasty politics, the politician said that Kenya needs leaders who can unite the Country for posterity.


As he voiced his support for Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), Osotsi said that there’s need for all Kenyans to rally behind the Initiative, adding that it is the best tool which will help address past injustices and ensure that the national cake is shared equitably.


“I call up on all Kenyans to support BBI. This tool will bring an end to corruption, tribalism, electoral and other forms of injustices,” he said, adding, “BBI will ensure that even the smaller tribes will feel the value of being in this country. It will ensure that no tribe rules this country for eternity.”


Hailing President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Chief Raila Odinga for burying their political differences for the sake of the nation, Osotsi urged other leaders to support the move.


“Quality education, health care and infrastructure is what Kenyans want. This will only be achieved if leaders unite.”


“Let all leaders emulate the example set by the President and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga and chat out a way that will help all Kenyans irrespective of tribe, colour or religion,” he said.


By Isaiah Nayika


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