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Over 100 Kajiado residents benefit from civic education

Over 100 Kajiado residents have benefited from a national civic education and peace sensitization exercise by Uraia Trust, aimed at empowering them on national values, leadership and integrity, ahead of the August 2022 General Elections.

The Uraia Trust Civic Engagement Officer, Marjorie Githure, said the National Civic Education Programme by Uraia Trust, in partnership with Act Change Transform, will educate community leaders comprising of youth, women, senior citizens and Persons with Disability(PWD), on their civic responsibilities, so that they can empower other members of the community.

“We are providing civic education to citizens across the country to prepare them for credible, fair and peaceful election. The programme is under Excess Kenya Electoral Conflict Mitigation and Civic Voter Education. We are educating residents on their constitutional and civic rights, as well as sensitizing them on the importance of peaceful elections,” said Githure.

Githure said the voter civic education programme is being conducted by an estimated five hundred civic educators in all forty seven counties in Kenya.

The Ongata Rongai Ward Administrator, Samuel Muchiri, emphasized the collective and individual responsibility of the residents in maintaining and being peace ambassadors, during the electioneering period.

“We have educated residents on their role in maintaining peace during the electioneering period because the past elections have come with enmity and hate speech. We have also educated them on good leadership, so that they are able to make informed decisions during the elections and spread messages of peace to others, “said Muchiri.

According to the Assistant Chief Enchorro Emuny Sub-location, Stephen Wachira, the national civic education programme has sensitized community leaders on peace and cohesion during the electioneering period.

“There are ten leaders representing each community policing cluster in Enchorro Emuny Sub-location at this forum. This programme has sensitized community leaders on conduct before and after the General Elections, so that we can continue to co-exist in peace and unity, “said Wachira.

By Alice Gworo


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